The Process

In the beginning my partner and I met with the client and my professor. We discussed the vision of the project and what mediums we wanted to present the project in. I decided to interview students and professors about student research done across Juniata's campus. First, I had to figure out who to interview. I researched what students and professors were doing research on. I wanted one student from each department at Juniata College. After I collected a number of student's, I reached out to them via email. Many emails I sent, I never got a response. The people who replied I scheduled to interview them about research. If they were a student, I asked them what research they were doing at Juniata; if they were a professor I asked why students should get involved with research as an undergraduate.


For the interview, I used a one camera set up because the interview was supposed to be short. I used an external microphone to record audio. I edited the videos using: Adobe After Effects, Audition, Photoshop, and Premiere. I created the animations for the lower-thirds. Each interview was under two minutes. In the end, I was able to interview 18 people across the Juniata campus about undergraduate research